I happened to read a blog post by a fellow blogger. She has got knack of poetry and have expressed many human emotions very beautifully in her various post. This is link to her very styled webpage. 

What I wanted to discuss is dedication in love, as she has portrayed. When I come across various genre of writing in any form, I see that people are most consumed by this one feeling “Love”. They are ready to leave world or worldly things behind and want to embrace the person like never before.

They leave their “Self” and become like a saint, at least for that person. Love seems to be conquering all other emotions at the end of the stories and otherwise as well. It may seem that other emotions are winning for a instance but at the end Love dissolve every thing in it.

Now, at this instance when I don’t see some thing ending like that it feels like, its not end, picture is remaining. Some times people says life is not a fairy tale most of time and it contains other emotions as well, but end comes with Love, if not its not end.

what do you think? Share your Say…

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the Another Day

I have been travelling that day due to some purpose by Indian Railway, last minute’s catch it was and I got lucky to be aboard in time. It was comfortable after I relaxed for some time because of my chasing- the-train session. Railway Staff served us snacks etc in a while and I was delighted to have it.

Co- passengers, what I actually wanted to discuss, were superb-to-be-with-kinda people ( except the matter I am going to discuss in this post later). we started chatting up among ourselves and being comfortable in each others company. In some time, inadvertently, matter of honor killing came into picture and what made me sad was state of mind people had.

Out of Six people those were in that discussion, three kept quiet as if they didn’t want to say anything on a controversial issue. Rest of three had following statement:

1st: Heinous Crime. Against idea of Democracy. Basic human rights ( right to express, that person advocated to make it basic right in constitution by an amendment) had been violated. People involved must get capital penalty aka Death sentence.

2nd: Matter is serious but couples should not marry like that, although killing them is not right. Law & Order is not in right state.

3rd: Honor killing of couples is totally justifies given the SIN they had committed by marring to each other despite of belonging to same village.

Now If we consider those silent people, to be silent always. Is this thinking style gaining support in our democracy? what is the future?

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Why am I here on this earth?

Some times I think that though not often and find my self in a dilemma. I don’t know if it is same with others as well because these type of topics are considered to be philosophical and every one has an advice to spare for other but not to followed by them selves, it irritates me at times.

Anyway I deviated from topic, newbie in writing as I am, I dwelve upon things like what might have been their ( my parents) aim to produce me. I talked about it with them and got an answer. Silence.

Not that I blame them or some thing, because when they produced me, they must have been quite immature, silly etc. but at least after me they could have asked that to themselves.

I thought in many directions, scientific, spiritual, social etc and read about it but could not find an answerable answer till date.

Have you?

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Jzt Signed Up

I just signed up. Hope to be enjoying this world. They say it is not as boring as I thought of, in fact i may get new friends and followers as well.Ohh..ohh..really.. I am no St. or some Shri Shri…to whom one can follow or sort but still it sounds nice to me.

Share with me,

how did you get in here in BLOGOSPHERE?
Did one need to try hard or what ( to write,I mean)?
How’s your life going on here?

P.S.:Hope some one read it

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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